"New Ireland Song" was published in Folksongs From Southern New Brunswick by Helen Creighton in 1971. It was sung to her by William Wilson of Ratter's Corner, Kings County in the mid or late 1950's. Her comment on the song consists of two sentences viz. "New Ireland is a farming community near Elgin. This is the sort of song a local wit loved to compose when an amusing event provided the material."


And sing right fol the dey, dol the dol dey.
To laddie to laddie sing right fol the dey


Oh it's come all you New Ireland lads,
Come listen to my song,
I'll sing you a few verses
Concerning Tom Long.

Our business being there it's to get some rum,
Then Johnny he swore that it couldn't be done.
Our clergy gave orders and we must obey
Not to sell whisky upon a Sunday.

Then to intercede between Johnny and me
Maggie she bought a whole half pound of tea,
And Johnny big sport begun on that day,
We put on our hats and we walked away.

We got in a wagon, we sung a whole song
While Julie and Cassie and Tim drove along,
Tim he grew weak, his face looked like grim
For to think he had neither rum, whisky, nor gin.

Then over the road we sweetly did drive
And down to the squire's we soon did arrive,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
For grandmother McFadden so quickly was there.

We stopped at the squire's until after tea,
Then to O'Connor's for to have a spree,
The road it being good and the night being fine,
But when we got there oh the clock had struck nine.

The night it being spent, no time for a spree,
Then Maggie she made us a cup of strong tea,
By going over them hllls to Madden's so civil,
Going over them hills it would freeze his old divil.

We arrive at Smith's mountain at the hour of four
When the frost from the heavens so swiftly did pour,
We went into the house and nothing was said,
We took off our clothes and we got into bed.

So it's now for to end it so finish my line,
My name is Mike Leyden I'll tell you in time,
Here's a health to young girls where'er they belong,
Here's a health to New Ireland, to hell with Tim Long.