Anglican Church, New Ireland, Albert County

The Anglican Church in New Ireland was located on lot 15 on the north side of the Shepody Road. I don't know when the church was constructed but it appears on the 1862 Settlers Map. Neither is the name of the church a certainty. Queries to both the Anglican Diocese of New Brunswick and the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick in 1995 were unable to resolve the confusion. The Anglican marriage register only seems to muddy the waters. When John Flemming and Catherine Fenton were married on 16 Aug. 1885 Rev. Amos John Cresswell refers to the church as St. Stephen's, New Ireland. Only fifteen years later, Rev. Allan W. Smithers married William Williamson and Lena Cairns on 7 Jan. 1900. This time the New Ireland church is called St. Peter's. Whatever its name, there was a cemetery associated with the church.

The site of the church eventually became the home of the Albert Fishing Club. Emmerson Copp told David Christopher that sometime prior to 1948 the caretaker of the club used the gravestones to make a walkway. The following names were supplied to David Christopher by the Anglican Diocesan Archives in Fredericton.

Catherine Cairns d. 15 March 1907 aged 74 years.
William Cairns d. 18 Oct. 1904 aged 88 years.
Stephen Crandall d. 1 July 1901 aged 81 years
John Flemming d. 8 Oct. 1903 aged 78 years.